The Edge of Adventure

It is just about official that the Houston Astros will move to the American League in 2013.

It’s real, like it or not. I feel like a child who’s been told by his parents that they’re moving across the country. Unseen powers will dictate whatever adventure lies ahead.

The move is not positive or negative; it just is. Astros fans will chase a new horizon. Change is inevitable. Unlike the proverbial child from above, I can embrace the complexity of the change.

The American League is no demon, nor is the designated hitter. I watched AL baseball for a couple of years, and it is a fresh field to till. There will be new players to learn, new visual experiences to cultivate–even watching on television trains the eye to take comfort in a familiar stadium setting. There will be a change in routine. The DH leads to a different attitude as the lineup turns over. Great hitting wins out.

If Lance Berkman would never hit without playing the field, that isn’t so much my problem. He certainly didn’t resign and forfeit his paycheck while occupying the designated hitter position in New York.

Next year, we’ll play in the NL, we’ll draft in the highest slot available, we’ll feature a new hitter, we’ll scour the West coast. The wine of novelty will overrun the cup.

This is not only the end of something, but the beginning.

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