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Jordan “Truth” Schafer’s tweets wouldn’t make it past PR

I get that you may not head home from the park after nine innings and throw on the SEA-ANA late game, but srsly?



An Astros Cowboy Cap

This guy’s hat (cap?) is a genre-busting testament to something that probably has to do with Jose Altuve.

Cards v. Astros, June 6 20 and 12.


Top Shot: Astrodome

From a Houston Chronicle article, 1965, on the construction and capabilities of the Astrodome:

“The loudspeakers can project a piercing noise that can kill pigeons–‘but it won’t be used that way,’ said Roy Hofheinz.”

The Astrodome’s Pneumatic Tubes

These pneumatic tubes fired important messages (“The Judge needs more peanuts for the elephants in the Presidential Suite!”) from one end of the 8th Wonder to the other.

This and more Astrodome magic in this two-part documentary on the Astrodome, produced by Paul Peters in 1965: Part 1 & Part 2.